• It’s True That Dr. Pablo Jeczmien is Considered One of the Best

  • Posted on August 25, 2017
  • His experience as a psychiatrist is well into its fourth decade, which has a lot to do with why so many believe Dr. Pablo Jeczmien knows his profession better than most. While his career now seems very conventional, with his service as a General Adult Consultant Psychiatrist with the National Health Service (NHS) and his workin private practice with The Riverside Practice, a health and well-being centre in East Sussex, his career has been a bit different than most.

    In his role as a psychotherapist, Dr. Pablo Jeczmien treats patients as individuals or as part of a group or family, as becomes necessary, but he has a tendency to approach his psychotherapy from a more holistic perspective these days. He decided on that approach following his decision to relinquish his outside responsibilities a while back. He now spends a majority of his free time immersing himself in the study of Anthroposophical Psychotherapy and Anthroposophical Medicine, which has led him to understand how people can best mend the bridge between mind and body and mind in the healing process. This approach makes them better able to heal more completely.

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